Stielas Storhett

Ravishing Grimness
Sun, 13/04/2014 - 13:45

Stielas Storhett TS/XL Black on white.Excellent Russian Black Metal

Straight imported from Russia.Luckily this one got over,whilst the 1st one got lost in the transportation,coming over to the Netherlands.

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I don't know the band, but this is a really good looking shirt!

Ravishing Grimness

Thank U.Russia hides some magnificent artists like also for example NOCRA.I would advice to head for their debut.Believe that is the best one. http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Stielas_Storhett/Vandrer.../131873

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  • Tanks a lot ! I need to post another huge update !
  • Merci Laurent !
  • the inepsy patch rips! awesome vest!
  • Ah d'accord, merci for the quick reply anyway!
  • This album and Dawn of the dying Sun are both excellent.
  • @DerpTheDevil: Thanks man for the comment, I found it on Ebay two or three years ago, time goes so fast!
  • motorhead red border bomber gone
  • Hades, always 5 flames! Nice reissue
  • Excellent taste and collection dude
  • Sick collection. Did you make this yourself? Hails brother!
  • yes,very rare I also have Asgardsrei metal box which limited to 88
  • try the prophets of rage cd.
  • yes i think the vikings in my family are connected somewhere from France, i like french culture alot, and theres a few f
  • Interesting!
  • Never heard of this one!
  • Killer!!

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