Snapcase - Logo Basketball trikot

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 13:38

Bought also on summer festival in 1999 (like the blue signed shirt)

Not for sale or trade
TShirt or Longsleeve - Snapcase - Logo Basketball trikot
TShirt or Longsleeve - Snapcase - Logo Basketball trikot


NoneFuckingHeavier's picture

YES - hammer band - sehr geiles trikot!

meaningless's picture

Danke :) Ich befürchtete echt schon ich bin der einzige hier der die kennt & mag ;P
Mit Snapcase steh ich hier ja sonst ganz alleine auf weiter Flur..haha

Setherial18's picture

Echt schönes Teil....da kann der Sommer ja wieder kommen! :-)

meaningless's picture

wie wahr wie war :D ...aber immer mit shirt drunter...
mit dem oberkörper mach ma keinen auf Poser ;P

Setherial18's picture

Du bist nicht muskelbepackt und voller Tattoos?! Enttäuschend! ;-)

meaningless's picture

verdammt..hätt ich bloß meine klappe gehalten..haha

longe666's picture

damn, you still have this?

meaningless's picture

ah..yeah..still have it :)

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Recent Comments

  • cheers man! still waiting for your Spider patch.
  • whenever you wanna sell yours let me know....;)
  • Finland's finest contribution to the metal world
  • Jea :) Thank you again very much :) Did mine arrive already ?
  • Backpatch \m/
  • well... postal service works fast :)
  • Amazing death metal vest. That killer backpatch ties everything together. Hope to see the front soon!
  • Amazing poster!
  • Regardless, that is still cool!
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks dudes, took a couple months of after work sewing, probably the fastest I've ever banged out a jacket.
  • Really awesome!
  • Where did you found this killer ?
  • Perfect Oldschool with very nice Bands
  • Woah, I love this jacket, it stands out so well and the colours really pop! Nice job!
  • very cool, never seen it bevor... absolute great.


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