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  • Looks pretty rad.
  • Looks better than most of their shirts
  • These old Pushead designs are always a treat.
  • 8 December ook naar het Bolwerk in Sneek?
  • PM you already.
  • thanks all of you!! i am glad that you like it!! Panos cheers!!
  • Hey, I remember really liking this EP when it first came out. Not too sure what I'd think about it nowadays.
  • thanks Catalin , how are you ?
  • Brilliant!
  • That's sick !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfect music for the first days of autumn.
  • Great! I also own this one!
  • Oh boy! Glad I already have a PL shirt, I can't imagine how expensive this is.
  • Nice T-Shirt and Album! But the last Album I like the most.
  • I recognise someone doing the sign of the hammer, even when the hands get cropped out. ;)
  • Yeah I was lucky to get a mint copy years ago and with that shade of blue and the sparkle in the print, it makes it look

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