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  • Nice.
  • awesome!!!
  • Man that's bad ass !!!!!
  • I wrote you a pm.
  • Don't worry about it. It was my fault. I should have looked more carefully.
  • Absolutely awesome.
  • I put in the description in big letters! I can't undo the deal now, really sorry!
  • I would have loved to own it.
  • Sadly I missed it. I didn't think you would sell that beautiful poster.
  • Please don't tell me you would have been interested...
  • Yes I put it up for sale/trade. Didn't you see that?
  • Nice booklet! But mate, the EP is called BESTIAL DEVASTATION, not BESTIAL WARLUST!! ;)
  • Yes absolutely ! Thanks. Did you really sell your Emperor Poster ?
  • Looks great! Their logo is one of the best!
  • How is it with this Metalhad box? They know your size & you only get shirts in your size?
  • Love their first 2 albums (Opus & Infestissumam)!

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