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  • Primitive, love it!
  • Nice, less is always more!
  • Nice one!
  • great album indeed! very underrated
  • i always though they were mad farmers :)
  • good to dig out stuff from my closet :))
  • ha i like those special price stuff on these 80's cds :))
  • I assume that Samuel is satanic...read title tracks man..flagellation, black tripper..
  • Maiden - World Tour - GONE Maiden - Virus - GONE
  • Impressive !
  • Funny because ive both at my hands and i can say they where never used ;) And yes they worth more than 50 bucks...each.
  • Very rare one The rarest rw patch
  • Is this satanic? Who is baphomet? Love The production on this album
  • Soundtrack to my teenage years
  • Classic
  • Damn

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