Gorgoroth first ever shirt!!

George21Thu, 09/08/2018 - 20:16

That's the very first Gorgoroth shirt from their demo days, shortly after , the one with the frame on the front print came out

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  • Weißt du zufällig, ob das dieselbe Schriftart ist wie sie Dodheimsgard beim Kronet Til Konge-Album verwendet haben?
  • Gorgeous. Particularly like the gold border
  • Frags mich nochmal auf deutsch
  • Is that the same font as used by Dodheimsgard?
  • Still got one
  • What r u willing to offer?
  • Uncle Acid/Windhand combo looks stunning
  • Electric Wizard and Uncle Acid alone deserve 5 stars!
  • I have the same back patch! Nice looking Jacket too, looks old
  • Word to that. I’ve seen some cool old Ice Cube patches around
  • Killer as hell man, making me want to put a back patch on mine!
  • Ja find ich auch!
  • Just beautiful! One of my fav. Mayhem shirts alltime!!
  • Caladan Brood is the best! Wicked layout and patches!
  • Very fucking nice!
  • Cool man I’ll check em out. I always stuck to underground shit, I never gave him a chance



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