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  • This is my most wanted shirt if anyone ever wants to sell one, will pay generously
  • Thanks!
  • Great!
  • This design always intrigued me.
  • Yeah, this has always been my favorite design of theirs. Cheers to the classics!
  • That's a nice find right there, realy like the red outlining on the front logo as the only colour on the shirt
  • Yes, this one is quite cool. I think it’s quite rare, since I haven’t seen it very often.
  • Nice, their best album for sure
  • Probably a fake, everything is a rip off these days. Hard to find original stuff and there is a big demand.
  • jawohl, extrem ünterschätzt die Band, höre mir gerade For the sake of no one an
  • Nice!
  • Na klaro ist der fett! Physisch wie auch stylisch. :^)
  • Could be a fake?
  • Vast wel toch! ;)
  • Nice design!
  • dank! Hoop dat ie dat in het echt ook is, heb hem pas net gekocht van StereoDeth hij moet hem nog opsturen.
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