Cannibal Corpse 1994 allover shirt

Tue, 13/03/2018 - 06:26

Update Tue, 13/03/2018 - 06:26 - The information below is probably incorrect, this item was previously traded/sold.

not the biggest fan of allover but this one is rad.

Not for sale or trade
Cannibal Corpse 1994 allover shirt
Cannibal Corpse 1994 allover shirt


ajnin's picture

this is one of hte best!

Special-Tee-666's picture

Still looks like a bad night eating spaghetti to me ahaha

antichristkind's picture

The best allover together with BOLT THROWER (bootleg) and some DEATH allover

Special-Tee-666's picture

Totally disagree.. all over shirts are one of the worst merch idea's since the blue grape mini skirts. And i think i would prefer to see a 40 yr old burly man in a deicide skirt than this piece of awful advertising.

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  • Fuckin' LOVE Wild Dogs !
  • Did you score this off ebay just the other week?
  • Love that artwork Wes Benscoter is fucking amazing
  • Awesome! Pretty good condition for it's age.
  • Nice, I'd sell my soul for the yellow version... Happy St Patrick's Day!
  • anything of mine you want?
  • „No Fun – No Core – No Mosh – No Trends“ was about this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Burns_(record_producer)
  • This is the CD put out by Wyrd War. Wyrd War's site says sold out...
  • Much nicer than the white one.
  • Would be open to considering trades for this one
  • Merch table at shows ~2015/2016
  • sold where?
  • Was lucky to get it.
  • Where'd you find havohej patch?
  • Coming along nicely, where'd you find the havohej patch?


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