Azazel logo shirt

Wed, 03/09/2014 - 23:23

Black shirt with white Azazel logo print. Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

Not for sale or trade
Azazel logo shirt
Azazel logo shirt


hellslaughter's picture

Awesome shirt mate. Their demo is one of my alltime faves. Hope to get a shirt someday

Corneus's picture

Where you got it?

Repodepo55's picture

Jätkä tääl riehuu!!!

SuuretMuinaiset's picture

Hah hah, jätkä se vaan täällä riehuu ja keppostelee.

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Recent Comments

  • This is fucking sick as fuck dude I love it. Only legendary Death Metal bands allowed. All hail that Sadus BP!
  • Butchered at Bedtime!!! I wish I had these infernal sheets
  • Same here, that's what Heavy Metal's all about!
  • Dig this. Looking for other trance..cherubs, fuck emos, etc. Good stuff
  • boring but midnight on black leather.. 666
  • agreed. great riffs too. thats what i want to hear in music mostly.
  • Thanks! So many great riffs, they really kicked it into high gear on that one.
  • amazing. the painkiller backpatch is truly killer.
  • one of my favorite their albums as well. cool shirt mate.
  • great tribute jacket. i like this.
  • thanks zilin! to be honest, bootleg/orig rare or not, if a patch design is okay for me, i like the patch like the suffoc
  • okay man! i'll update someday if theres another way to place the two patches. thanks for liking other parts.
  • yea cool.
  • I did indeed, got one of their black shirts and got up on stage at one point. Was a nuts show!
  • In all my years i honestly never saw this advertisement. Talk about scarce.
  • did you get to one of their shows ??


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