ACID BATH "Pogo The Clown" - "When the Kite String pops" 1999

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 19:30

Bought this in New Orleans 1999... maybe printed earlier! - not shure -
One of my favorite Albums of all TIME!!!
ACID BATH made standards for heavy music way before Slipknot rippped them off BIG TIME!!!

Not for sale or trade
TShirt or Longsleeve - ACID BATH "Pogo The Clown" - "When the Kite String pops" 1999
TShirt or Longsleeve - ACID BATH "Pogo The Clown" - "When the Kite String pops" 1999



how did slipknot rip off acid bath? acid bath's in a whole different league...


yeah your are right - they are a different league. sammy (git.voc.)told me some stories about what happenend when acid bath took out slipknot as support band and how their sound changed , ha,ha.... i think the generell idea of mixing raw heavy brutality with good melodies and stuff is the idea what slipfuck did take from this genius band!


I love the band, one of my favorites, and this is my favorite album cover. 5 flames for John Wayne Gacy and Acid Bath.


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  • Fucking insane!
  • It's a great print for sure
  • Killer shirt!!
  • Cool shirt! There's an interview with this band in the first issue of my newest zine acquisition.
  • Im very happy i said fuck it and went, it was an insane show i wont soon forget.
  • Amazing, they were very tight as a band and the drummer played vinny daze's beats only, he killed that shit.
  • Most welcome mate! Ah fuck...I just saw a Saint Vitus - Heavier Than Thou brand new on eBay if you're interested.
  • Thanks man, there is more from this came from, the refolding process is a bitch
  • yeah it does, i just uploaded it
  • <3 Fucking amazing long box, Keep em coming!!!! :D
  • Some good bands. Could you pick your favourite concert?
  • Thanks mens!!! \m/
  • For sure man, I like it when the band makes a special t-shirt for the tour, Not just whack a country name on it each pla
  • Most welcome mate. Nice! Sounds great.
  • thanks!
  • Boot, no boot... Very cool one!!! Would wear it to Death :D

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