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Sat, 23/06/2018 - 02:22

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  • Have the same. Such a killer hoodie
  • That is fucking killer!
  • Fucking seeexxxxyyy
  • That looks epic, prefer this over the circle patch. Better detail.
  • Hahahaha bloody oath.
  • Thanks for all of your replies guys, appreciated :)
  • Good thinking, I've done that for ones that don't fit. Haha very nice.
  • nope...next year maybe hahahahahahaha
  • i started storing them in boxes that can be closed airtight...but i have so many shirts....it starts to look like a damn
  • Hahahaha, you and me both man! And we don't ask how he is haha.
  • hahahaha...man..i just have one in mind now hahaha
  • They like Bolt Thrower... Got a nasty hole in my shirt from when Martin passed away, need to try and fix.
  • Hahaha exactly man, if he suggests to catch up you be like yeah I'll let you know, I'm busy but will get back
  • Nice one.
  • hahaha yeah, it's good to talk to him on the phone now and then, but that's it hahahaha
  • Ugh fucking love it, DTL are amazing.

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