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Trying to find patches of obscure NWOBHM bands

George thrash
Wed, 01/05/2024 - 11:09

Hi guys, I am making a vest( battle jacket) that is largely NWOBHM and I am trying to find patches of bands like:
Praying Mantis
The Handsome Beasts
Last flight
Scarab ( the one that did the rock night 7 inch in 1980)
Satanic rites
Thank you guys!

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Unholy Patches makes a couple of Praying Mantis times to times.
I believe Polywater have made a Dragster patch but not really sure, but if they had, as almost all polywater shits it's super hard to find...

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Thank you! I looked on unholy and I could not find anything and please tell me if polywater has a website!

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Burning Leather Mexico

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Some of those bands are quite niche.... you may have to have the patches custom made by an embroidery shop if you want to represent them on your jacket.

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Worse case scenario: DYI patches (paint.)

It's actually fairly easy with the right techniques (not to mention you'll get that band patch faster and cheaper.) Here's the technique I developed:

The basic gist: Use a computer screen to get the exact size/scale of the Logo, place some Fabric on the screen and Tape the corners (thin fabric = easy to see through) crank up the brightness of the monitor and start tracing all of the Logo with your paint+brush. Afterwards, it's ideal to heat-set your paint if you're using basic Acrylic Paints, though if you get paint MEANT for fabric there's a decent enough change you won't have to heat-set. Why Heat set? You want the paint to vulcanize as a rubber, plus it helps prevent the paint from crumbling and migrating to other patches. It's possible to use this method for embroidering/making your own "woven patches" though it involves Plastic Food Wrap, a Sharpie and clear Packing Tape. Bonus tip (paint version:) Make sure you get the paint deep in the fabric even if it's coming out the backside of thin-fabric, after you've heat set your paint you don't want the front-side to flake away.

And yes, I've had to do both DYI versions (paint & sew) cause the bands were so obscure... I really need to upload my 2nd vest...

But, if you're trying to get more than just band logos (like Album Art, etc), then I'd seek a Custom patch service; Sublimated is usually the best and cheapest route. Usually.

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Yes you should upload it!

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I’m also trying to find a A-II-Z patch so if anyone knows where to get one please let me know!

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