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TSS member: Ruthless Metal = RIP OFF !!!!!

Mon, 22/04/2024 - 11:24

Hey everyone,,,
I did not know an ongoing reliable vs. rip-off list existed.

I got ripped off by TSS user “Ruthless Metal” - he’s from Germany

He was supposed to sell me a Soothsayer Demo White T-Shirt:

I bought the item on eBay and decided to pay him directly through Paypal so save on the eBay fee. I paid him the agreed total of 165 euros which included registered shipping from Germany to USA.

I sent him the money back in November 2022. About a week later he responds and says he’ll message me back when he ships the shirt. Weeks pass and he says he has been busy and not yet shipped. Now we fast forward to December 2022 and he says he’s been very busy to respond. He says he was at the Hospital with Cancer. He says the shirt must be lost in the German mail. He says he doesn’t know what happened.

Anyways, he says he can refund my money in January 2023. I agreed as wait. Let me remind you: this guy NEVER provided any actual registered tracking number when I asked.

After weeks pass by, January comes and goes… I send several more messages on TSS and eBay: no response !!!!!

I tried to file a claim on Paypal but failed to escalate the claim and case closed….

Now we fast forward to middle to 2023: I see this guy goes by the name of Sven Grewe on Facebook. He posted some old metal band pics on a Facebook group: I immediately recognize him and ask him why he hasn’t responded to my messages on TSS and where is my shirt or money.

He responds by saying that I received my shirt already and he doesn’t know why I am messaging him still: WTF!!???
So I message him back and tell him he never responded back on TSS after his apologies for not messaging me and refund promise. I warned everyone on the Facebook group that he’s a rip-off and to be careful with this guy….

Fast forward to now: I never heard from this guy again… he hasn’t been back on TSS or posting on Facebook…

See attached screenshots.

The end.

_ashes.against.the.grain_'s picture

Did you pay via "friends and family" for your first transaction with someone you didn't know? If so, I hate to sound like a dick but maybe it's a lesson learned situation. It's really shit that this happened to you but now you know for future deals. Always use g&s for first time buys.

DevilzForce's picture

Why even wait a year to try and escalate? This guy knew he was in the clear....

ThrashMetal1982's picture

Yeah that’s the same dude that scammed me like 2-3 years ago through eBay. Dude had Morgoth listed on his page, and at the time I was on the hunt for it and decided to go for it. Gave the seller, now realizing his true colors, the benefit of the doubt. Paid through eBay and never heard from him despite sending him a few messages regarding shipping. Wasn’t able to get a full refund. Dude got away with $100+ of my money. I can care less now, all I can say that karma’s a bitch.

frankie530's picture

How did you get scammed through eBay? From my experiences they’re very buyer friendly, when people attempted to scam me through eBay I’ve never had an issue opening a case there and getting refund through eBay

ThrashMetal1982's picture

Well the dude’s location was in Germany and it asked for a shipping quote and so I did just that. Talked things out with the dude and before you know it I won the bid. The seller said he wants to get paid through PayPal and I said sure. And before y’all say something - I paid and chose the option “Goods and Services.” I reported it but PayPal said they couldn’t find the transaction or something like that. At that point I wasn’t going to make a big deal of it. Like I said before, he got away with my money. Karma will get to him.

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