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Wed, 13/06/2018 - 11:59

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Recent Comments

  • All the flames for the Bonehunter backpiece, that is hella sweet!
  • Thanks! Haha. Yes, I am collecting some Marduk.
  • Satan woven patch For sale/trade
  • j'ai eu un ami qui a porté se patch et je les toujours trouve sympa
  • Full flames for Zuriaake!!! But great taste in general.
  • Hahahaha fuck oath bro. 10/10 would bang.
  • Was fucking amazing!! Told Jay you said Hey haha, he said your a top bloke too.
  • Nice, if you decide trade or sale let me know-
  • One of the perfect albums ever!!!
  • Simply WOW.
  • Looks tiny
  • This is a really great band and a epic album.
  • What you looking to get for this beaut!?!
  • Thi is the one you sold?? I need this, maybe we can work it out.
  • Its a nice aniway, how can i get one of this?
  • Rare item (Back in Business?)
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