Torgeist - Time of Sabbath

Sun, 15/04/2018 - 00:16
Not for sale or trade


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What a banger. This rules.

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Thanks, I got it from a friend - I think he found it in a thrift shop or something

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  • yup, theres a bug, i'll get a fix for it either this weekend or sometime in the week
  • Damn, killer shirt bro!
  • Killer Shirt. I am going to check these guys out :) Thanks for the tip.
  • S T A Y N E G A T I V E
  • thanx for the flames mate!
  • Love it!
  • Insane....
  • Now this is some rare cult!!!
  • What you looking to get out of this piece got a buddy that’s needing one. Thanks
  • Nice Icecross patch! First time I see it here.
  • Very nice flag
  • Thanks doctor death everyone has been super nice. Site is great how does trading work on here would love to know.
  • Cool shirt man!
  • It does, thanks man!
  • Couldn’t agree more mate
  • Designed it myself actually!
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