Riffs Merchandise

Sun, 04/12/2016 - 13:26
They are at festivals around Europe and have a Webshop.


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I've ordered at their webshop, and paid via PayPal. They sent me an email that my address was incorrect, I'm not sure how that happened, apart from that: everything arrived within a few days. (Should be longer for anyone outside NL)

They have quite some patches I haven't seen at other webshops, although some are a bit steep price-wise.
Some of the woven patches are the softer material (threads) you see lately.

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Only giving a four out of five due to pricing, they are definitely more expensive than other shops I have looked at but I had no trouble with their customer service, they have a good inventory and shipping wise it got here real fast (from NL to the US)

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I had my reservations in trusting sites like this one and follow the recommendations of its users. Well I was right. I placed an order a month ago and still I'm waiting for my order(I'm based in Europe and I always get my stuff from NL based sellers and mail-orders within a week!!!) and now I'm stacked with a half finished vest and, practically, no desire to finish it. It never ceases to amaze me how crap like this exists in the age of paypal...

1/5 instead of 0/5

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I Always order my patches at Riffs Merchandise and only have good experiences with them. Very reliable people and rare kick-ass patches!


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  • Thank you much appreciated!
  • I have the same! Which year? Has it a tag?
  • good luck.pm sent
  • thanks, and totally true!
  • I would like but at the moment I only want to sell the patches in value $ 10 of Iron Maiden and I do a free shipping but
  • Great zipper, and underrated band!
  • Yeah love it! Thanks! :)
  • This looks great dude! A magnificent back patch as well.
  • Nice one haven’t seen this one before
  • please show me your stuff
  • Cheers Mate!
  • Do you sell one of these? i also have some for trade if interested.
  • What do you ask for this patch ?
  • thank you!
  • Gut geworden, braucht noch mehr Nieten und Living Death :D
  • I have a old black sabbath patch that the material looks like it was on a burlap sack would you be interrelated in tradi


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