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Once got a toxicholocaust shirt from them. it was $14 and not a bootleg. The print had been applied over a few hairs and balled up cotton. I told Toxicholocaust about it over Myspace a year ago and Joel actually apologized for it. Anyway, what they sell is Cheaper, shirts go for about $14 sometimes. Hoodies for $35. Can't beat that.


Ordered my Re-release from General Surgery there, also a Hoddie and the new lim.edit. Exhumed.
Quality of the hoddie is very good (material a bit thin for a european winter, but ok ;) )
Print is great, contact very nice, Prices are ok - standart.


I ordered from them once in 2010 (to Australia, which was successful) and just a few weeks ago (to Hong Kong). There was no default shipping option available to Hong Kong so they offered to open an order manually for me, item arrived in 3 weeks. I'd gladly order from them again.


my MANTAS preorder for $100 start from June 19 until now. still there was no further information from relapse. where is my package :(


Bought several times from them. Mostly records and they were packaged quite sturdy.
Took around a month, give or take 30-35 days, to arrive to Australia.
Pretty normal prices (including shipping) for a well known label.
Never had a problem with them.


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  • Das Front Design finde ich persoenlich aeußerst geil! Division KMS ;)
  • Thanks...I think it's beautiful as well....I was hoping for more in depth comments though...
  • Nice one!
  • What's wrong with it??? A bit faded?? Looks great to me!!
  • Never seen a short sleeve/ cutoff of this before.... Great album and shirt either way\m/
  • Very cool patch ! 3-4 years ago it was hard to find one or really expensive.
  • size?
  • Really awesome backpatch for this monumental album.
  • Sweet!!! Havnt seen this before!!
  • Here is a shop where you can get the patch from: http://www.scythe-industries.com/producto/misfits-the-shocking-return-o
  • If you can't find or pay for the original this is the next best thing
  • weiß was du meinst, hat irgendwie sowas hardcorig hooliganeskes. aber was will man machen?
  • who gives a shit what I think LOL... if you like it roll with it.. Jackets are a personal thing man :)
  • Great additions man
  • Thank you ! As far as the misfits patch i have no information about it.
  • yeah i see what you mean, thank you.


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