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Wed, 02/11/2011 - 09:11
I ordered from them last year when I was in Australia and delivery time was quick, a week at most, very reliable, but I have only ordered locally so I can't speak for it in terms of international service, if anyone has do shed some light on this.


Maddolis's picture

Likewise, bought from locally and got the shirt within the week.
Good communication too.

slayerslayer's picture

i also have ordered from here,in 2012. reasonable prices, great communication and
speedy delivery within australia.

Socks's picture

Have ordered a number of things in the past and they've always shown up quickly, site is easy to use, good comms between deliveries. Heavily recommended!

Ngejo69's picture

I often bought patches from here in 2012. Free australian shipping on most items.
Shipping is fast and good. Packaging is also quite good.

Claudandus's picture

Pretty expensive IMO, I paid around 7-8 euros a patch.
Reasonably fast shipping considering the distance. And I got a 10% discount on future purchases. Overall a good store, albeit a bit on the expensive side.

Kerry Draconis's picture

Bought a LS Marduk from them and it arrived in about 3 weeks, very reliable and the waiting wasn't that much considering I'm from the Caribbean :)

Turkey-man's picture

Just got my patch from this store. Good price, although the last estimated date was the 8th.


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