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Sale or trade!

Sale or Trade


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  • He can be proud (and probably is since he is still doing it) !
  • Cool stuff!
  • Did Sid Vicious twin brother lost a part of his ear?
  • I like the colors and the painted Benediction logo on the back! Nice work, man!
  • Never trust full or half-sentence bandnames!
  • Verdammt gut geworden! Das Farbschema auf dem Rücken wirkt einfach nur stimmig.
  • I was at the Mayhem fest (how do you call it that without booking Mayhem?) to see King Diamond.
  • That's how long it took me to sow the patches on an old jacket.
  • Love the bat across the shoulders!
  • Awesome shirt! Great artwork as ever from Eddie and the boys. UP THE IRONS!! \m/ \m/
  • Haha, thanks. It is not my idea though, i have to admit honestly.
  • Hat's off. Great simile. Ha ha. A buddy of mine said it's basically anything that Hot Topic peddles.
  • Hahaha hit the nail on the head. "Cheap" is a definitive word id use to describe it.
  • Genau! Der bleibt auch erstmal schön drann...
  • You should try to go next year, this year was a blast. It's going to be an annual thing.
  • Thanks a lot! Added some pins and buttons!


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