Living Death - Vintage Fan Club logo patch

Iron Animal
Wed, 19/04/2017 - 00:38

1983 Vintage fan Club patch.

Only 50 were made!

Will keep this forever!

Not for sale or trade


Atomicide's picture

not my band but a piece of history nonetheless
glückwunsch dazu

Iron Animal's picture

Danke, gibt genau 4 Fan Club Patches... fehlen nur noch 3. ich werde nicht ruhen bis sie alle in meinem Besitz sind!

Beyond's picture


InfernalOverkill's picture

This isn't a patch that you see everyday, great catch!!

gloriousdeath's picture

Awesome patch !!!!!

Der Todesking's picture


invisible-horizons's picture

Amazing and ultra rare piece! This is definitely one of a kind!

Tankard Emptyer's picture

That one is from 1983!

Iron Animal's picture

Ist korrigiert.

whiteravenmetal's picture

Holy shit :o


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Recent Comments

  • My favorite album
  • GREAT ! ! ! ! FULL FLAMES ! ! ! ! !
  • Wow. Thats a lot of dew scented shirts... probably not your favorite band, right?
  • Fuckin A! Sepultura died after jairo tormentor left!
  • Very nice!
  • Yeah sure, that's why I said "asap" not "instantly". ;)
  • This looks pretty badass I need to check these guys out
  • I'm waiting for people to finish correspondence with him first, he hasn't logged in for a while
  • @DoctorDeath: You should delete Hellpike's account asap I'd say. Don't you think so?
  • Yes! Looking good!!!
  • Really nice, congratulations!
  • Open the PayPal case refund immediately, this boy good .. he be could be a scammer I think
  • Thank you. :)
  • This copy looks better than usual.
  • Cries from a restless Soul is incredible too.
  • I also bought his same Maiden, so I think this is not ok. I opened a case for a refund in PayPal.

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