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Iron Maiden, Death on the Road, 2011, patch

Sun, 14/12/2014 - 17:15

+++ WANTED +++


Year: 2011
Iron Maiden, Death on the Road, 2011, patch

Lex_Metal's picture

Man ... I do not believe this! I had never seen before this patch Iron Maiden! Now is this, A Matter of Lfe and Death and The Final Frontier. Patches of albums released recently; copyrighted, do not know if it's official or bootleg; if it is done in limited copies, and no one knows where we can buy.

Mefilas's picture

You forgot Brave New World!
Death on the Road and these 3 patches are all made in 2011. To me they are official because i never saw a bootleg with copyright © symbol! Quality is awesome.
What if they were just "test pressings" (like you say for vinyl LPs) or "prototypes" or "promo items" only released to the press? Maybe they will be sold later in 2015? If i ever see one of those rarities on a jacket i will surely ask the wearer where he got it from.
Very strange thing indeed!? A real mystery!


Would pay big money!!!

Lex_Metal's picture

You're right, there the Brave New World 2011 ... but I got one!! :D

It really can be any of these cases you mentioned, if it were to sell soon, please now in 2015... but overall is a mystery at the end.
I really want these patches also... if you get more than one of each, sell me!!
Well ... the last time I saw these patches for sale, the final value was high ... but with good reason!!

oldmate's picture

Did you ever find them ? I am still always looking for the Death on the Road patch. Its one of the few with opyright © symbol I still need

Mefilas's picture

No, i am still looking for all of them. No luck on eBay so far. :(
What other patches with © symbol do you need?

oldmate's picture

I know I need a 2004 live after death. not sure what else. its hard to track.

I know there are a bunch of printed ones I am missing but not to fussed on that. check out http://tshirtslayer.com/patch/iron-maiden-patch-collection-2 and if you see any I am missing let me know. ALso if you have a list of all the patches with © symbol that would be handy, would help me identify what I am missing

I like one of the versions of the fear of hte dark live and it has 2 © symbol

oldmate's picture

any luck ?

Mefilas's picture

Sorry, but still nothing! :(
Looking on eBay every single day for years now.

oldmate's picture

I still have never seen one of these :(

have you had any luck ?

bad_american1992's picture

This must be one of the rarest patches produced in recent times! Never seen one either...

oldmate's picture

yea... starting to wonder how many were ever released

Mefilas's picture

Still nothing so far.

oldmate's picture

still nothing ?

Mefilas's picture


sfusyron's picture

The search never ends..

oldmate's picture

tell me about it.... when I find this I will be fucking wrapped... I am not looking forward to the bidding war... I never seem to win them :(

Sfusyron: if you find one first I will be wrapped for you but kicking myself that you beat me !! haha

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