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Death Leprosy back patch

Sat, 16/10/2021 - 13:34

Death ‘Leprosy’ back patch

I will never trade or sell this. It’s my favorite Death Metal album

Not for sale or trade

Year: 1989
Death Leprosy back patch
Death Leprosy back patch

M3TLH3AD's picture

Is this the one that was recently sold on Bay by markusreich79, TSS: Markusr79?

MorbidWaste's picture

It looks like an original. So I don’t think so, at least I hope I hope it isn’t that one

Deathtattooguy's picture

No,I bought this off a friend on Facebook

M3TLH3AD's picture

Okay good 👊🏻 Congratulations on this beauty brother.

MorbidWaste's picture

Awesome, I already feel sorry dor the sucka who paid €150 or something for a bootleg

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Great catch man! Such a great back patch of a killer album. Did you also buy the one now available at Pull the Plug?

Deathtattooguy's picture

yeah,bought all 4 versions and a Sabbath

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

😅 Awesome! all 4 versions was a bit too much for me so I went for two light pink border versions. I guess you also got your hands on the Painkiller back patches? They look really awesome 🤘😫🤘

Deathtattooguy's picture

Hell yeah
Couldn’t resist on the Painkiller as well

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Hahahaha 😂 I knew you couldn't! 😂 Neither could I 🤣

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