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Bolt Thrower Bootleg

Thu, 01/06/2023 - 06:35

Sick oversized Bolt Thrower bootleg patch yes bootleg no matter what ptp says about paying royalties after getting caught technically making them “official” just no mainly because he bashed another distro after getting caught and having to pay up to the band and he still called them bootlegs which is just straight up hypocrisy so fuck giving them the satisfaction 🤷‍♂️ Idc what anyone says otherwise but other than that I’ll make good use of this 🤤

Not for sale or trade
Bolt Thrower Bootleg

Doomgarlic's picture

Good rant! Good info as well, didn't know he was caught and had to pay royalties to Bolt Thrower. This should be posted on Pull the Buttplug Facebook, Instagram etc. Simon Springer called this one a "Goblin", and "didn't care" when I explained that it's a Chaos Space Marine. For wanting to be the number one death metal patch guy, he doesn't even care about Bolt Thrower, royalties and the Bolt Thrower universe and imagery.

Recently he was a total fucking whiner over and over when one of my friends got the wrong patch and/or border color. Simon didn't wanna correct his mistake and went crazy when a PayPal claim was made. Just send the right thing, don't whine and yell like a 3 year old. It's not like he can't afford it He lost my friend as a customer there, good riddance.

Sboxsix's picture

How big is it? Fuck simon

NegativeOne's picture

Don’t have the measurements right now but the length is almost a that of a normal strip patch

Sboxsix's picture

nice! i wish that more big non bp patches existed

bad_american1992's picture

Cool BP but yeah.... scandalous behavior from that individual

Junkhead's picture

I called him a snitch for getting Suffocation to send my buddy a CaD letter. He went on FaceBook and wrote some long ass paragraph crying ‘bout it. Lol! I don’t see PTPP being ‘round for much longer with his attitude.

Sboxsix's picture

Sadly he probably will especially since he’s pumping out more and more dogshit big name patches. But that’s fuck up of him fr.

Doomgarlic's picture

How about 27 different Slayer patches in one go? That's his next "drop". Insane. It's even more insane that people still swallow the whole concept and continue to buy crap. I'm perplexed that it just goes on and on.

NegativeOne's picture

Yeah I know the story heard it first hand once he got the cad lol

YungThermonuclearWarrior's picture

Hot damn that is a nice bootleg 😍

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