Destruction - Poster Collection

Wed, 21/02/2018 - 08:25
Not for sale or trade


sodom26's picture

Man ! Another amazing post ! Love the ' Sentence of Death ' Ads and posters. Just killer overall !

invisible-horizons's picture

Now, I only really need that Release From Agony poster. I didn’t even know it existed until you posted it. The hunt continues...

Beyond's picture

Great Destruction collection!

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks man!

sandmanforce's picture

Too rude Destruction collection!

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks again!

Xorron505's picture

great collection... i like Destruction and you have the first poster from 1985 :-)

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks man! You also have that Destruction poster. Did you get it when you saw them in concert?

Xorron505's picture

Yes the bands have signed the things for us... after the show. Too bad that we did not take the vinyl records with us.

invisible-horizons's picture

Regardless, that is still cool!

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  • Yes, the quality and design are superior! I have bought quite a few shirts from there.
  • I hate Obituary But the pin looks relentless !
  • Fuckin' LOVE Wild Dogs !
  • Did you score this off ebay just the other week?
  • Love that artwork Wes Benscoter is fucking amazing
  • Awesome! Pretty good condition for it's age.
  • Nice, I'd sell my soul for the yellow version... Happy St Patrick's Day!
  • anything of mine you want?
  • „No Fun – No Core – No Mosh – No Trends“ was about this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Burns_(record_producer)
  • This is the CD put out by Wyrd War. Wyrd War's site says sold out...
  • Much nicer than the white one.
  • Would be open to considering trades for this one
  • Merch table at shows ~2015/2016
  • sold where?
  • Was lucky to get it.


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