A-Z of Death Metal - Book

Sat, 21/10/2017 - 13:21

And again...like the title says :)

Not for sale or trade
A-Z of Death Metal - Book
A-Z of Death Metal - Book
A-Z of Death Metal - Book


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Never heard of this one!

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there were 3 of this kind, Death - Black - Thrash ...im just missing the Thrash Metal book..., came out..hm..early 2000's .. if i remember correctly

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This one is very interesting. Never seen before or heard about.

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like said above :) cchheerrrsss

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  • Thx Antonio!
  • thx, really cool gig)
  • جريفز ازيك انا عمر صاحب تورنيدو , عايزك ضروري و مش عارف اوصلك ياريت تكلمني لما تشوف الكومنت ده ..
  • Im sure many boners with surface if you walk with that in public.
  • It's still available. Just make an offer if you are inerested.
  • thanks
  • i need this for my collection
  • the best heavy metal tshirt
  • Definitely one of the hardest to find in this condition. Great find!
  • that fuckin rocks!
  • Thanks. And I love your nickname. =)
  • wow...keep it sealed in ziplock bag :) This is legendary!
  • Have the exact same shirt! Full flames!
  • Nice! Welcome! If you got any suggestions for the site, just drop me a message
  • Nnnnnoooooooooo ha ha damn!! Blame the dog!
  • Been signed up for a while just never thought bout listing stuff but this sight is awesome. Good to see a friend on here
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