Metal Church metal pin/button

Fri, 29/04/2011 - 14:37

I currently have two of these. I'd be willing to trade one.

Sale or Trade


Gryphon's picture

i would love to have that.unfortunately no extra pins to trade.

ultmetal's picture

Dude, I'll trade for other stuff besides pins. I collect vinyl, 8x10 band photos, guitar picks, etc.

ultmetal's picture

I said "dude". I'm old!

Gryphon's picture

all i have to trade is vinyl,and those patches i posted recently.

Adrian's picture

Wish I had something worth trading myself.

Rover133's picture

Love it. Lemme see what is in the bin that I could trade ya.

tractics1's picture

I have extra guitar picks and 8x10 photos for trade.

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Recent Comments

  • These need more stench.
  • Thank you very much!!
  • Thanks man!
  • Waiting on more music... and hopefully shirts...
  • LOL didn’t realize this was you, Paul, till I clicked on your profile
  • Dude holy fucking shit. You probably have a goldmine of more woodsmoke era shit then too, huh?
  • One of the greatest black metal battle jackets i've ever seen.
  • Thats my go to morbid angel album. good quality for a bootleg. they are getting spot on these days
  • Great patch, it's the same as the back of my Covenant era t-shirt. https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/m
  • Nice spe's pins man!! good jacket!
  • The shirt was in the 50 copies limited collector's edition of the „Größer Als Der Tod“ Ep.
  • sick jacket.. that Deicide back patch is brutal
  • fuckign slayerrrrrrrrrr!!! still hunting that demon slayer patch on the bottom back left.
  • 50 cents!!!!! insane score man!!!!
  • Great t-shirt!!! Did Rebaelliun play when you saw Pestilence?
  • the back of this jacket is one of the best I have ever seen.


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