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Collectors Group : "German-Style" - Kutten

This group accepts: 
  • Battle Jacket
Created: 10 August 2020
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Collectors group: "German-Style" - Kutten

Shapes, Overlapping and no more denim! Only Kutten / Vests / Battle-jackets completely covered in Patches! This group is for all the maniacs that wanna sew this style or already have "finished" their project... Which is a lie! Get inspired!

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kingdomofhannover's picture

Redo? Completely???

Hliðskialf's picture

Absolutely. I already have a new backpatch lined up that I like even more than the current one.
Plus I need to have the endless possibilities of a blank canvas when I start ;)

Kofuv6's picture

why don't you just make a new one then?

Hliðskialf's picture

Because the denim itself has been infused with so many great memories. And I refuse to have more than one main vest.

Kofuv6's picture

Gotcha, totally understandable, let me know if you are gonna sell your Cemetary patch in the future ;)

Hliðskialf's picture

I doubt that's gonna happen but I'll let you know if I ever come across another one. Green or black border?

Kofuv6's picture

Either one works, have been looking for one for a while (5-6 months)

Thank you :)

Hliðskialf's picture

I got mine from GhoulesMetalProducts666 back in the day. The prices are somewhat high but there is a vast supply of both vintage and bootleg gems. You may wish to regularly check there as there will sometimes restock on patches that were previously sold out. Also, if I remember correctly, it's based in Mexico so I don't know if they'll ship to Sweden at the moment (they don't ship to Germany and Austria as of now).

Kofuv6's picture

I check there from time to time and have bought some patches from them as well but as you said, it was a while ago and im aware that the patch is old and not the easiest one to find, They still ship to Sweden so no worries about that