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Where do you think the Mecca of Heavy Metal is?

Fri, 24/03/2023 - 19:52

Background: I teach World History and play a lot of Crusader Kings, so I was wondering what the great "Holy Site" of heavy metal would be if metalheads were to go on a pilgrimage. Every organized religion has these sites. Mecca in Islam, Jerusalem in Christianity & Judaism, Lumbini in Buddhism, etc.

My Question to you: Where would you consider the most "hallowed ground" in the world of Heavy Metal?

- Regent Sound Studios where Black Sabbath recorded their debut album? (Or Birmingham, England)
- Wacken, Germany?
- The Hammersmith-Odeon?
- The Sunset Strip in L.A.?
- Literally all of Scandinavia?

Feel free to drop your own "Heavy Metal Mecca" in the forum!

no karate in pit's picture

well i think dio would be the metal jesus and black sabbath would be god cause black sabbath delivered dios solo carreer

but my guesses for the holy lands are this

thrash=the bay area or germany

black metal= scandinavia or that church that mayhem burned down

death metal=tampa

power metal=portsmouth nh where dio was born or camelot

heavy metal=birmingham england for sure

hair metal= mtv recording studio

these are in my opinion

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

I think Wacken grounds is my choice. Helvete is on the list of lesser but significant sites.

RnReiner's picture

Wacken stands for everything that's wrong about modern Metal. If speaking in biblical terms, however, Wacken could serve well as the site of the last judgement or a deluge. Smite them all, old-Testament style. ;)

John Christ's picture

The only right answer.

Greaserjlg's picture

The Sodom and Gomorrah of Metal, then? Haha

Sam_the_Metal_Man's picture

I second that.

Antonio's picture

Donington !!!

Greaserjlg's picture

How could I have forgotten Monsters of Rock? Great answer!


The Kinks-The Beatles-The Rolling Stones- Led Zeppelin-Deep Purple-Jimi Hendrix-etc... 60's to 70's
Black Sabbath-Thin Lizzy (Ireland)-Queen-Ufo-Iron Maiden-Judas Priest-etc... 70's to 80's

MrCrispy13's picture

An interesting question. It's a personal one I never thought much about but here goes...
a) The high school parking lot in '84 was hallowed ground for metal. Car doors open, metal blasting, cigarettes lit.
b) The basketball court in the cul-de-sac of the town's only mobile home park that allowed kids. Epic social scene.
c) Skating pools at abandoned houses. No pads, no helmets, just metal and road rash.
d) Drinking in rural overgrown graveyards far from city lights.

Once ANY religion becomes 'organized' its holy sites are just watering holes for sheep. Metal wasnt about sheep where I came from.

no karate in pit's picture

that sounds badass

Dan's picture

All of Scandinavia AND Finland, I consider "holy/sacred".
As well as WOA (when I went in '06/07/08/09 it was superb) should be there as well.

And totally Agree with Mr.Crispy's waterhinghole for sheep.

doctordeath's picture


Greaserjlg's picture

Hell yeah, Doc! The unquestionable Mecca of Metal History!

oldmate's picture

fuck yea !

oldmate's picture

I think different styles of metal would have different sites. For me it would be

Thrash Metal - San Francisco Bay Area
Death Metal - Morrisound Recording
Grindcore - Obscene extreme festival in CZ
Black Metal - Helvete

but as shit as Wacken is these days, I still think it would be the number one place for over all metal. Having say that I would prefer to go to the above 4 has I have not heard anything positive about Wacken in the last 10 years if not more.

Lord Cthulhu's picture

Given the original question said 'home of heavy metal' then it surely has to be Birmingham, UK? Home of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, two of the original stalwarts of the genre. Robert Plant of Led Zep came from there too.

Lloyd H's picture

I am a Brummie so I am biased. There's doubt Birmingham is the city where it all started. Thankfully the council/tourist board finally realised this and decided to promote it. Robert Plant - and Judas Priest - are from nearby Black Country areas not Birmingham but it's close enough!

Lord Cthulhu's picture

I'm guessing you mean 'no doubt' in your second sentence?! But yes, all votes should be for Brum!

Lloyd H's picture

Doh! Yep, NO doubt was indeed intended - cheers for that!

Greaserjlg's picture

I personally lean heavy towards Birmingham. The rich history there is undeniable!

MrCrispy13's picture

Actually the OP doesnt say anything about 'home' or 'origins' of metal. The OP uses terms 'Holy', 'Pilgrimage', 'Religion', and 'Hallowed Ground'

Why there would be a 'place' that matters at all seems like just another glam vs. thrash argument...missing the whole point. If you need some kind of religion (I dont) then I suggest: "Do As Thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law" ~ Crowley

Lloyd H's picture

Good point about the precise nature of the question but c'mon it's clearly a bit of lighthearted fun to chat about and I doubt anyone is taking the 'pilgrimage' talk or faux-religious element too seriously mate. Bit of a fun history lesson and also things to think about if planning a trip abroad to a gig or festival yeah? Did you know that there's a 'Black Sabbath Bench' - of all things! - in Birmingham now?

MrCrispy13's picture

Fair enough, Lloyd! I lived through the 80s being attacked by the religious and now that they are at it again I am overly wary of a 'teacher' and the words he choses. *My* problem, no one else's! Carry on and ignore me, I study the origins of epistemology in Sanskrit so I tend to over-engage when it comes to scholarly questions.

To help myself lighten up I'd like to suggest that Metal may have been 'birthed' in the UK but in the 80s San Diego was it's center, though we dont have a bench ;)

Lloyd H's picture

No problem mate! Organised religion here in the UK, with the exception of some radical elements of Islam - but that's a whole other thread - is so marginalised that it's largely irrelevant and holds little influence or sway over public life these days. I know that it's always been a LOT different in the US so don't blame you if alarm bells were ringing a bit.

Ha, yeah what other city can boast of having a Black Sabbath Bench? What other city would actually want one is another question...

Greaserjlg's picture

Haha, I'm in no way religious. My interest in religions begin and end with their long bloody histories and mythologies. I was castigated by the local clergy for loving heavy metal as a teenager and haven't been back since. I see I could've came across as the teacher/dad in Twisted Sister's old music videos, but it's nothing like that out here in rural North Carolina.

I just was looking to see how different metalheads from around the world viewed their most important concert venues or historic sites in the culture. I agree that San Diego is crazy important to the scene and it's on my list of places to see!
Thanks for commenting!

MrCrispy13's picture

My daughter is a teacher and gets death threats from religious nuts as a 4th grade teacher! - so I get a bit edgy, not your fault. As for San Diego: "On second thought , let's not go to (San Diego). 'Tis a silly place." ...we were trapped there as kids and none of us ever went back, as far as I know.

slayerslayer's picture

Rainbow bar and grill. los angeles, USA.

Darklord's picture

True that...

Darklord's picture

I would say the Sunset Strip was the Mecca of 80's Heavy Metal scene.

letvar's picture

If we are talking specific places instead of wide geographical areas, then it has to bee Keep it true and Muskelrock for sure

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