Coffin shaped patches

vanlureTue, 21/08/2018 - 12:38

Hi everyone!
I'm building my first battle vest and already have quite some patches for it.
I also put a coffin shaped Misfits patch on one side and thought by myselfe it would be cool to add another coffin shaped one on the other side.

Few days ago I saw a pic of a battle vest, which had a lot different coffin shaped patches placed around a round backpatch - like a coffin flower.
Unfortunatley the resolution wasn't good enough to make out which bands they are but it brought me to the idea to find another coffin shaped one (of a band I like) to add to my vest.
My question now is, can you name me bands who have patches in this shape, so I can maybe find one which fits for me?
Let's brainstorm!

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  • use the obvious [ask about a trade or sale] button that's in RED and UNDERLINED and in TWO PLACES
  • yes i have but ps use the ask about trade or sale button
  • I got the black version of this, the white looks much better though.
  • Hell yeah! killer band and shirt!
  • Damn this design is really sick
  • but, in any case, this is a reallllly good looking patch!!!
  • its easy to print copyright, just as easy as it is to print the rest :)
  • Actually official, yes; you can zoom in for copyright info or ask the band!
  • Great !
  • What a great shirt :)
  • oh yeah! This thing is hot ;)
  • R.I.P. Seth Edward Putnam
  • To big for me too
  • total brutal artwork too
  • First Tumour merch I've ever seen
  • nice patch!
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