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Chris Barnes or Corpsegrinder?

Mon, 21/02/2011 - 21:43

This is an ongoing fight between everyone, no one can ever agree. Consider them on the albums and live. So, who will it be? Barnes or Grinder?

I prefer Corpsegrinder

Mental-Vortex's picture

Chris Barnes.

sfusyron's picture

Chris Barnes.......

xSquiggs's picture

Easy one, Barnes.


Obviously... BARNES!
But Corpsegrinder is good if you want clean death metal vocals, but if you want raw shit, listen to Barnes. It all depends on what kind of vocals the listener likes. Corpsegrinder was pretty kick ass when he was with Monstrosity though.

metalhead12's picture

Jeez, I'm the only one for Corpsegrinder?

ThatzNOTmetaL's picture

nah i agree corpsegrinder is better

Wormwood's picture

Corpsegrinder easy

mayhempunk666's picture

lows-barnes highs-corpsegrinder mids-corpsegrinder

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

Well I've never seen Barnes in person but his vocals on Eaten back to life,(the only Barnes album I have) are awesome. I've seen Corpsegrinder in person and he's really good live, but I think I like Barnes better as far as studio recordings go.

devourthesoul's picture

Chris Barnes for sure just think about how many classic cannibal corpse albums hes on compared to the ones Corpsegrinder has been on chris barnes era cannibal corpse is for sure my fav and i saw him with them twice once in 92 and again in 95

PrinceAdam's picture


Rotten's picture

Barnes era records are timeless. Corpsegrinder was great Monstrosity.

Bayernpirat's picture

Schorse Corpsegrinder

lak89's picture


BeefCakeAssThrash's picture

deciding is a bitch! I love the Eaten Back to Life album but Corpsegrinder is great too! Sentenced To Burn is an absolute killer song

PowerThrashingDeath's picture


NocturnalOccultist's picture


Pommesgabel666's picture


Thrash_Maniac's picture


Hungry_Mosher's picture


Kuivausrumpu's picture


QcHeadbangerSam's picture


Inoculated_Life's picture

Although George Fischer aka Corpsegrinder is good, I would definitely say Chris Barnes is the better death metal vocalist. First four Cannibal Corpse albums are the best albums.

maidenmad77's picture


whiteravenmetal's picture

tuff one... corpsegrinder

NocturnalOccultist's picture

Neither but i really like the old ones because Hammer Smashed Face was stuck in my head!

HallowedBeThyThrash's picture

corpsegrinder! nuff said

Berz_Toxicdeath's picture

barnes era was great some of my fav albums of all time, but i prefer corpsegrinders vocal style and i thnick CC grew as a band whit corpsegrinder sooo yeah corpsegrinder

Berz_Toxicdeath's picture

barnes era was great some of my fav albums of all time, but i prefer corpsegrinders vocal style and i thnick CC grew as a band whit corpsegrinder sooo yeah corpsegrinder

BruteAxe2011's picture

Corpsegrinder for me, to be sure. The Barnes era was great, but they just got better when Corpsegrinder jumped on board.

SacredTutor's picture

Am not a huge Death Metal fan but going from Cannibal Corpse records i've heard which are Eaten Back to Life to Vile i'd have to say Chris Barnes. Probably cause all the records ive heard are all Barnes except Vile. Barnes has that evil vocal feel where its death metal but you understand every word hes saying. I've also heard Corpse Grinder do some early Cannibal Corpse stuff and it was dame good.

Deathcore.Is.Not.Metal.'s picture

Barnes album wise, Corpsegrinder live

no karate in pit's picture

corpsegrinder as i never really loved tomb or eaten as much as torture or chaos horrific or gore obsessed

ThatBillyGuy's picture

Yeah i think tomb is pretty overrated. Its still a great album but the last few songs on the album are kinda boring imo

no karate in pit's picture

i completely agree

MetalNDN's picture

Corpsegrinder 🤘

Wytch92's picture

Barnes all the way for me, really not a fan of 'clean' death metal vocals at all, puts me off of the music half of the time. Love how raw and guttural his vocals are during his run with CC and it went well with the rest of the music, killer

ThatBillyGuy's picture

This is hard for me, its very close but ill give the edge to corpsegrinder.

Knarrenheinz666's picture

Don't wanna shit on Corpsegrinder but Barnes. I know, they are brilliant and hard-working musicians that deserve the success but after Barnes left they became sort of "mainstream"...

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Corpsegrinder doing pre Vile sounds weird, and I’m sure Chris attempting post The Bleeding era sounds weird, Created To Kill demos were cool, but yeah Six Feet Under - Haunted came at the right time for him, wish he took more care of his vocals though, does a big disservice to the legacy to continue to tour with the lack of vocal power and cadence he once had. A legend in his own right though.

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Corpsegrinder for longevity, wasn’t there another vocalist considered other than George though?

Metal_Assassin666's picture

On a technical level, Corpsegrinder is the better vocalist, but I most often prefer the raw and ugly vocals of Chris Barnes. I've loved all the SFU albums since Undead, in particular, and his side project IHATE is something I LOVE lol. Corpsegrinder is great but the CC albums have all sounded too by-the-numbers for a while.

metalarchivesripsection's picture

I agree!

absolutedefiance138's picture

Chris and it's not even close, both in albums and vocals. I love corpsegrinder just as much as the next guy, but fuck, Chris was on top of the world

Dark.Mage's picture

Chris barnes is a pussy, vocals were good til the bleeding i still like the bleeding but vocals are just not like the others. talk ab going 6 feet under after getting kicked out

no karate in pit's picture

hahha i would say barnes was a good vocalist key word was i cant stand his new shit

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