Best tshirtslayer entries of 2010 ?

Sun, 02/01/2011 - 07:33

So what were your favourite entries from 2010 ?

overkill386's picture

Omin0us-Bloodlin3's once upon the cross white deicide shirt
http://www.tshirtslayer.com/item/deicide-once-upon-cross-version-2 and his sepultura shirt http://www.tshirtslayer.com/item/sepultura-schizophrenia

Omin0us-Bloodlin3's picture

Cheers bro :) i have many more shirts to upload

DoctorDeath's picture

I dont know about best.. but i like this one a lot..


Metalitzi's picture

Mine, of course :D
Just kidding, there are really too many to name one specific entry. And many of them made me extremely jealous ;)

PowerThrashingDeath's picture

Haha i totally agree, although it was more inspiring than jealous :P

Hypercube's picture

CryptKeeper's DIY Exodus patch, no doubt about it.

DoctorDeath's picture

Yeah the more i try to find something that tops it.. i cant, the attention to detail is amazing!

PowerThrashingDeath's picture

That's the most sickest post ever!

Maddolis's picture

HeathenThrone's vest, throughout its many updated forms.

DoctorDeath's picture

Any others?

Hungry_Mosher's picture

one of my favorite jackets from 2010
great patches!

DoctorDeath's picture
meow13's picture

Whoever that dude who had all the Immolation shirts. That collection is a dream come true to me. Except of course it hasn't come true yet. Grr

aurinkoojaakuu's picture

DIY Exodus patch and that doods DIY Marduk vest. Pretty much anything that took serious talent to create or really rare items. Along with the occasional badass collections popping up now and then of 20 or more items dedicated to a single group.

Hungry_Mosher's picture

yeah but that marduk vest is a 2011 upload :P so save it for next year haha

Bayernpirat's picture

ok, I´m a candidate for 2011 ;)

Rotten's picture

Im going to be bias here but i think mine :) lol ... Only cos its me and my son. Im taking him to see Maiden next thursday so im hoping that ill get another couple of photos.


Bayernpirat's picture

one of the best, too

meow13's picture

Because it took me 10 hours to sew... And I like all the patches.... Possibly a little bit biased


Bayernpirat's picture

one of my favorite uploads, jacket and owner

ketherinjonsson's picture

Both are amazing t-shirts great designs

Fader107's picture

Why are there links and no pictures ?

Der Todesking's picture

Probably because it's a VERY old thread & lots of the images have been deleted....?

Corvus Corax's picture

Hahahahha! Win!

DoctorDeath's picture

actually no - it was a configuration error on the server, we used to have "www." but i removed it, I've re-enabled it to autoredirect to just tshirtslayer.com but that change will take a day or two to propagate through the internet DNS

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  • Thanks dudes, took a couple months of after work sewing, probably the fastest I've ever banged out a jacket.
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