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Battlejacket types and examples. Thoughts?

Thu, 05/08/2021 - 17:37

I'm trying to create an in depth guide to common jacket etiquette, going over absolutely everything someone needs to understand jacket culture, the common tropes, the aspects of design we see, etc. Let me know what you think of these definitions and such, and if you like the terminology, or what you'd add. Exceptions obviously exist and these aren’t set in stone, but I think that defining common tropes is fun, interesting, and helps newer hobbyists get into the craft.

The most common jacket styles are...

American Classic: American classic features a smaller amount of patches than the German, typically with plenty of space between them. Often the patches have a degree of layout organization and symmetry, and common features include hand-drawn logos and artwork in and outside the vest, an intact collar & pockets, and studs. Common stud patterns include studs at the corners of patches, studs placed to mimic stars/sparkles, and studs in the shape of metal symbols (upside down cross, speed wheel, etc). This is one of the cheapest options for vests.
This is a popular option for vintage collectors, and also one of the few options that it’s not unheard of to keep your sleeves on.


American Cubic: American Cubic is a style born of the combination of the typical German and American styles, as well as the addition of easily-available, uniform album art patches thanks to the internet (although typically not composed of those types of patches exclusively). The internet also allowed new hobbyists to see both styles, and pull from both of them. Thus, birthing American Cubic. Patches are stacked edge to edge as tightly as possible, and at intersections of corners are typically smaller logo patches, buttons, or even studs.


German/clusterfuck: Features little to no visible denim, little to no organization, tons of overlapping, and it's common to see collars, pockets, and other non-essential features removed. There's also usually a lot of cutting up and customizing patches, and cutting shirts into patches for these jackets. Studs aren’t especially common, but can be found on these jackets on occasion. Pins are commonly used to cover small gaps of exposed denim. This is the most creative and free-form jacket type.


Minimalist: A minimalist jacket features little to no patches and pins, preferring quality of placement and art to speak for itself. Often features larger metal pins, painted-on artwork, and a pervasive theme. Leather vests are common for this type as opposed to denim, and it’s not uncommon to see sleeves in this type of jacket, much like the American Classic.


All comments and criticism is appreciated!

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