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Battle jacket in public

From the tomb
Fri, 10/12/2021 - 11:06

What is your opinion about wearing battle jacket among common people, I mean during shopping, transports, or simply walking around, im interested to know, personally I like it, I dont care about what the others are thinking of me.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Why not wearing your vest or jacket in daily life? Like you say, one shouldn't care what people think about it. Speaking for myself, I wear my jacket with passion not for fashion 🤘😄🤘 Actually, once in a while I get a nice comment or some horns up 🤘😄🤘

Heavy Metal Marc's picture

I do it all the time, not so much now because of the weather, but I normally wear my battle jacket in public, along with my suicidal tendencies hat, and sometimes my spiked bracelets and guantlest. Most of the time I've received compliments and had people ask if they could check it out. My girlfriend is known as "the battle jacket girl" at her university.
My thought just comes down to, do I feel like wearing it that day or not.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

"The Battle Jacket Girl" sounds great 🤘😄🤘 At my university I've never seen a girl with a battle vest. We have our occasional metalhead walking around but girls casually wearing a battle jacket is something I don't think I'll ever see here in the Netherlands. Good that you two are waiving the flag of heavy metal at the university 🤘

Mastercutor's picture

(just kidding)

Yeah, if I don't want to specifically influence someone's opinion on me just from the first sight on an arranged meeting, I don't care much about pedestrians who walk by me, see my jacket, or any other unusual attire of mine, and give me a questionable look from time to time. It's also nice to ocassionaly get a compliment on it or the horns, as Heavy Metal Chemist mentioned 🤘
And it surely just depends on my mood, since I can wear it all year long because it fits over my smallest leather jacket.

zilin's picture

I used to wear it to amusement parks and shopping malls, and to me it was just a normal jacket. Of course other people don't know what's on it, maybe they think it's a little weird but to me that doesn't matter. Just do what you want to do.

Thane's picture

I wear one pretty much everywhere, I don't give a fuck what people think. 🤘🏻

Hárbarðr's picture

I never wear it for work haha, but other than that, if the weather allows, I wear it like any other piece of clothing really.

From the tomb's picture

Love those comments, yes, our jackets are like a second skin, we are maybe aliens to some people but who cares, they will never understand, let's wear our jackets with honnor and pride. Metal is the strongest force in the universe!

no karate in pit's picture


UndeadAgain's picture

I have worn my jacket every single day of high school. That's not a joke either, there hasn't been a day in class that I haven't had it on. Why am I doing this? I have zero clue. Do I plan on wearing it every single day of high school? Yes.

MortalFate's picture

If you design a jacket well enough and don't look like a bum, it can lead to plenty of compliments. I've had people compliment, one after another. Been very surprising.

Thane's picture

Same man, it's always funny getting compliments especially when they don't seem like they'd be into metal at all

MortalFate's picture

They like the artwork.

no karate in pit's picture

dude recently one of the popular football dudes came up to me and was like fuck yeah cannibal corpse and then continued to cookie monster voice i cum blood

UnsafeAtAnySpeed's picture

No i don't. I just don't have the energy to politely smile for the billionth time when some drug addict on a bench throws me the horns and screams "rock n roll!" or something equally brilliant. Also, i live in a very small, shitty little redneck community. As far as they're concerned if you're into metal you're probably a criminal and if you're a guy with long hair you're gay (which of course is bad and wrong.) It's not worth the hassle. I wear band shirts pretty much everywhere i go tough.

Thane's picture

Have you tried ignoring people and not caring what they think? I get cross looks all the time but I don't fucking care
Also live in a small highly redneck area.

Dalek King's picture

I wear my vests pretty much everywhere. Grocery shopping, going for walks, in the car on the way to work etc.

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

I wear my vests where/whenever I feel like it. Recently went through three airports in one of them, and I have three on regular rotation as cold weather gear. With all the money and time we spend on these things, we might as well wear them!

My one exception is my main vest, which is a few months shy of ten years old and has been effectively retired (for now?).

Darklord's picture

ROCK that shit whenever you feel like it ! Thats what I say.

SpinWeasel's picture

This man man speaks the truth! Fully agree.

Wytch92's picture

Wear my battlejackets in public all the time, has sparked a good few conversations and even became friendly with some people talking about bands and such

Robin_lifts's picture

I don’t. I honestly don’t know why because even though I’m not into mainstream fashion, it took me ages to find the exact right size & washing I was looking for for both my Motörhead tribute (selvedge Wrangler from the 70s) and OSDM jacket (Levi’s from the 70s) that would complement the colors and overall appearance of my patches. Sizing is also important imo because an oversized kutte hardly ever looks good on anyone. Maybe I’m ashamed of my old age hihihi

andermatten's picture

good things about oversized kutten are:

1. you can fit more patches on them
2. you can wear a hoodie or jumper underneath
3. you look really skinny, as if you've just recently lost a lot of weight
4. you look really young, as if you found your dad's kutte hidden somewhere in a closet in the basement

quite a few reasons to wear an oversized kutte!

Heavy Metal Marc's picture

Oversized also billow in the wind dramatically which always looks cool

Darklord's picture


Thane's picture

Agreed, I have vests ranging from medium to XL. Medium are great for summer and sleeveless shirts, XL is great for winter and layering

Hell_Onyx's picture

Battlevest/jacket Only for metal scene.

ThatBillyGuy's picture

I love wearing my jacket to where ever i go. Plus sometimes you even meet cool people who like your patches and the same music you do.

no karate in pit's picture

my jacket and I are bonded by blood i dont think i could leave the house without one or my leather i could only see not wearing it if its hot as balls out

Darklord's picture

Just make sure you clean that shit once in a while or people won't be looking at your kutten...they'll be wondering what the fuck that smell is ! LOL

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