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Sortilege Transcendence

Sun, 21/04/2019 - 13:09

My beloved jacket has changed a lot over the last month. I completely redid the back and most of the front as well. I've also started drawing on the inside of the jacket but large amounts of concert-induced back sweat have done weird things to my poor lil' Baphomet. Four original members of Sortilège have signed it : Zouille (vocals), Dem (guitar), Lapin (bass) and Bob Snake (drums, his drumstick is also featured on the pictures). I've never been truly happy with how it looked, until now.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2016
Sortilege Transcendence
Sortilege Transcendence
Sortilege Transcendence
Sortilege Transcendence
Sortilege Transcendence
Sortilege Transcendence

MetalBrewer's picture

Some great French metal on here. Nice one!

Katafalk's picture

C'est quel groupe le vinyl tout en bas à droite avec le serpent ?

Gollywock's picture

Holy Terror ! Terror and Submission et Mind Wars sont sûrement mes albums de thrash préférés.

Katafalk's picture

Connais pas tiens, vais écouter de ce pas.

RuhrpottKomplott's picture

Amazing taste, great layout!


Belle update! J’ai le même Traveler au même endroit, superbe groupe, et ton pin Melissa est malade

Gollywock's picture

Merci ! Avec Destiny Calls de Chevalier Traveler est mon album de l'année pour l'instant. Vraiment excellent.

BloodFireDeath's picture

Amazing vest! The Iron Maiden necklace is a great idea!

Gollywock's picture

Thanks! Eventually I'd like to put a similar-looking Running Wild pendant with Adrian and crossbones on the other side. Just have to find it now lol

Nater90's picture

Amazing update mate, the back looks fantastic.

Miteux's picture

Elle tue mec!

Burning_Wheel's picture

Great update!

Catball's picture

That Fate mellisa pin!
Could I see the closer ?

Gollywock's picture

I have posted it here : https://tshirtslayer.com/pin-badge/melissa-pewter-pin
Truly a fantastic pin.

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