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Aborted Slam/Brutal Death Metal Vest ver. 0.8

TopShotta's picture

Fucking sick dude! First fully patched up and I think the first only Brutal Death/Grind I’ve seen/on the site. Where are you getting your custom patches?

Natan's picture


Nevets_90's picture

Verry cool I have been thinking about doing a slam vest myself. This definitely has to be the hardest to read vest on hear haha.

xero's picture


GabeG951's picture

I love it. I would get a slam police patch for that jacket haha!

Natan's picture

Ha i was thinking about putting it on inner side xd

GabeG951's picture

Also, I am guessing you had a lot of these custom made. Where did you get them done from?

Natan's picture


bad_american1992's picture

Fucking nice. I think this is the first pure slam / brutal dm vest I've seen. Looks awesome and love that Party Cannon patch hahaha

Dudes_Mcdougal's picture

This vest kills! Much respect!

samael6666's picture

the unreadable jacket. saying that in the nicest and appreciative way XD

oldmate's picture

Fucking sweet jacket. love the party canon patch

Bodom Beast's picture

Love it, and man do I need that cytotoxin patch...

ButcheredTorso's picture

This is so fuckin insane dude!!!
This is my favourite jacket I've seen on here, I fuckin love slam so much and I've been wanting to start a slam jacket for a while but now that I've seen this I think I'm gonna do It!!!

Snus_terrorist's picture

Vest full of sbdm! Looks great

Perry Wise's picture

Absolutely fucking brutal🤘

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Recent Comments

  • +1, Looks better this way!
  • I’ll be the one to say it… the stains actually blend and look really nice with that logo and the white background
  • https://tshirtslayer.com/patch/woven-patch-58 This is where they’re from but I found mine on a small site I’d never bee
  • Thanks man. glad I found a 100° mint copie of it
  • Hahaha
  • Damn dude this is fuckin sweet! Where did this come from?
  • Where is this from?!
  • Hahahahha I've heard of the AK-47's "Dong Grip" but this is next level
  • 🤘
  • Great catch my dude... there aren't too many of these patches around!
  • The band field here should be"Sid Vicious" or "Sex Pistols" just FYI!
  • Edgy vegan scum
  • Cool patch.
  • Yesss that's so so cool to hear🖤🖤 basically all the albums on my current backpatches have some equivelant to a spec
  • So glittery! The quality looks top notch. Are you not planning to adorn a jacket with this?
  • Really good quality on this one by Earache.