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  • classy. and some really awesome patches on there.
  • impressive and a joy for my eyes. only the axxis is a bit to dominant imo.
  • awesome. I have it also with a promotional copy only sticker on the back
  • Woah that's cool, usually these big ones are a solid colour but this ones really nice
  • owh. think their latest. yeah. can bring & play the cd anywhere.
  • Oops nope, earlier From Strength to Strength. Will be getting their new stuff though.
  • thanks for the flames. you mean their new album, Regiment? i'm waiting for their new album on cd. vinyl version
  • Nice one mate. Got their album recently, love it.
  • Yes. One of my favourites, too. Thank you.
  • ;)
  • Absolutely
  • Maybe, I'm just temperamental haha.
  • I am sure I will break a few too. :)
  • No problem. Sweet. I've broken a few haha. Cool.
  • Thanks for the tip! I do have a hole puncher. Still waiting for the rivets to come in the mail.
  • True. To many ideas though. Yeah you need to sometimes!

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