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punk denim vest.

Tue, 10/12/2013 - 18:26

well i fucked up my old leather jacket and it was unfixable, but luckily i have another one that was exactly the same jacket. i found 2 in my basement along with this guess denim jacket. i sliced the sleeves off and put my germs back patch on it. i destroyed my leather jacket right before i went to rehab for 4 months and didn't bring my jacket or vest, so i wasn't working on it at all. when i got home i went off to new york city for a few days and just started drawing things i liked around the back patch because i didn't want to buy patches. then i had court and got on house arrest so having nothing to do but sit around and shoot speed, i drew everything. i like it a lot, but i'm gunna give it to a friend when i finish my leather jacket cause i'll let someone else who's not as lucky as i was to find these jackets. it's a really nice vest and has a lot of potential but i'd rather not waste material right now.

i like to offend people, the "outlaw scumfuc" on the back i think is hilarious. a lot people give me weird looks, but i also get a lot of comments on the flipper drawing and the germs back patch that i just cut off of a t shirt. i have earl sweatshirt with a upside down cross on his head, not sure why. not sure wear i got it, but i assume a tshirt. i had a souxsie and the banshees patch i made with leopard print fabric, but i lost it. and i've given away few other things i had on this, a stray cats patch i made, a few random pins i stole, i had a really cool Boris akuma no uta patch i made with some thick fabric, fur, and an old black t shirt and gold paint. it hung down off the bottom of my jacket but it got ripped off when i saw negative approach and the casualties a few days ago.

most of this jacket was just made out of boredom and days of not sleeping cause i'm strung out on stimulants and don't feel like writing music. but i plan to use the back patch on my leather jacket and the next person who gets the vest can do whatever they please with it. i have some ideas for it so if i decide to keep it i might just use extra materials and try to make it into something wicked sick after i finish my leather jacket. it's always good to have a back up. especially in the summer when i don't want to wear a jacket.

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punk denim vest.
punk denim vest.

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