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POS Punk Trunks

Im Ross
Tue, 19/04/2022 - 01:28

I started stitching up these old blown-out cut-offs when I began a bracing year of chemotherapy in January of 2020.
Just something to do with a needle in my hands while I sat there with a needle in my arm.
Over the past two years they've been sweat through, shredded, and re-patched as I've learned how to ride a bicycle again.

Additional bits:
1.) My sweetie made the belt and stamped multi-tool pouch.
2.) The Minnesota belt-buckle was purchased for a single dollar at a garage sale in St. Paul circa 2003.
3.) Hold Fast key-loop is one of original 2010 interbike give-aways.
4.) The Fat Tire Ale / Ramones logo rip-off was a thing I got to design for a party at New Belgium Brewing.
5.) Daria is not amused by any of the sophomoric patch placement going on here.

True crust status is forfeit on account of these do get thrown in the wash every month or so.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2020
POS Punk Trunks
POS Punk Trunks
POS Punk Trunks
POS Punk Trunks

bad_american1992's picture

Butthole Surfers patch right over the shit chute is very classy!

Im Ross's picture

...stylish AND sophisticated, these jorts really DO have it all. Thanks man!

19Philthy16's picture

I usually don't like fully patched pants much but yours looks killer!

Im Ross's picture

Right on man, thanks. I'm working on a mixtape where the A-side is all the bands from the front & the B-side is all the bands from the back. I'll post the track list when it's done.

19Philthy16's picture

Haha, nice! That's a great idea man! It's funny, whenever I see a Dead Kennedys patch the first three chords of Police Truck pop up in my head! :D

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