new vest


DethronedEmperor23's picture

Awesome bands and layout!!

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Looks great! Where did you get the big logo Bestial Warlust patch??

vugelnox's picture

Bought it at a show a while back.

HalogenBulb's picture

This rules hard dude.

Rayearth's picture

bestial !!

Nater90's picture

You got some mighty fine Aussie bands on here!!!

Great taste, Agreed with everyone that Bestial is epic as fuck.

MadButcher1221's picture

That Tormentor is woven? great bands

vugelnox's picture

It's a printed patch

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Recent Comments

  • Behold Barbarity was selling it but it’s gone now
  • Still for sale? how much about it?
  • They have some albums I never could get into. Especially their later outputs.
  • I love all their records, one of the greatest bands ever.
  • also up for sale now.
  • I don't know. This looks rather, well not good.
  • Cool shirt! The album was pretty overrated when it came out, but it had some great moments.
  • cool cap
  • great shirt!
  • agreed Absurd Shirts and LP covers are always great, especially the old Facta Loquuntur or the old Asgardsrei for exampl
  • Great!
  • Nice layout! I wanna see the whole thing of your vest
  • danke :) größe ist XL
  • Thank you!
  • How much do you want for the shirt or would you prefer a trade?
  • Never seen this as a short sleeve before...


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