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        • It's in way better condition than I thought. Makes me appreciate our trade ALOT more so thank you brother \m/
        • Meant official actually...I think they were re-released without backprint...But you're totally right about the logo
        • Was real happy it wasn't as faded as it looked in your original pics. Nice added suprise :)
        • I didn't know this shirt actually existed so I was super fuckin stoked you passed it on to me... Cheers bro \m/
        • mmm probably someone got sick or something...or had a little bit of that liquor we were talking about in another thread
        • The back slays. I don't exactly agree about suicide glorification.
        • Thanks, man. If I remember correctly, I got this from their official merch site several years ago. It's a large.
        • Oh man!!! Would love this shirt, but probably don't have the $$$ at the moment.
        • Nope. I've had the original shirt ages ago.
        • Awesome!
        • Nice shirt and motive :) love the last album.
        • Look identical to original!
        • Never seen this one. Very good!
        • One of my fav albums actually. The Haunted could never come close to this.
        • The problem is not even money. Finding one in a decent condition would be pretty hard.
        • I see. Somehow missed that stuff...you're right. Tiamat used to be Treblinka.


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