My excellent hobo vest

Thu, 20/07/2017 - 16:03

Did some stuff on the back.

Not for sale or trade


Fatal Agent's picture

Ohh excellent indeed... awesome back. Killer!

parregeaboppe's picture

Why cover up Gorgoroth and Dissection with the ugly 1349 patch?

Stormblast's picture

Not a big fan of Gorgoroth and got other Dissection patches on the vest...gonna rework the front in near futute anyway

nosanctuary's picture

You should trade that Gorgoroth patch to me. I've been searching for it.

Blüdrayne's picture

Are the inverted crosses on either side of the Abigail logo from Thunderbolt or Toxic Holocaust?

Stormblast's picture

Toxic Holocaust.

Blüdrayne's picture

Thunderbolt>Toxic Holocaust IMO

Stormblast's picture

Maybe, but I dont had a Thunderbolt logo shape...but a fucked up TH logo shape...so I used what I had

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Looks awesome

N0ctulius's picture

Great layout, killer backpatch!

Necro Rican's picture

Wicked layout!!

Nater90's picture

Some mighty fine bands matey, Need a Sargeist patch! Where about you get yours from?

workjohnout's picture

very full, good job

Nihilistic-Terrorfront's picture

Cool patches and a nice layout, I like it!


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