My Church of Doom

Sun, 19/03/2017 - 17:09

Backside of my Doom baby. I put a great deal of studying and no piece is there by chance. I tried to make it look as symmetrical as possible and keeping a uniform colour pattern.

Not for sale or trade
My Church of Doom
My Church of Doom


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Void_Of_Solitude's picture

My pleasure! \m/

Nater90's picture

Some good bands, Needs a Cathedral patch!!

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about a strip patch of either Cathedral or Candlemass for the bottom! Back is 90% done. Working on the front too.

Nater90's picture

Both, Candlemass & Cathedral are both amazing.

Nice, Sounds good.

Joel's picture

I love that Witchfinder backpatch!

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

That's the intention! ;)

Gargarax's picture

So sick. Love the Witchfinder and Ufomammut patches

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

Total worship there :P

xrigox's picture

Amazing work, mate!

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

Thanks for the comment. Cheerz!

metalmaciejmetal's picture

I really like it. Great band selection. Witchfinder General is what caught my eye. Where did you get the Church Of Misery patch? That band rules

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

Cool, the Witchfinder is obviously bootleg but great quality. The Church of Misery patch, I was lucky to get it from some Asian distro, they only had a couple of them left in stock.

leksa's picture

Love it!

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

\m/ \m/

VoodooChild's picture

Nice hour of 13 patch :)

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

I'm proud of that one B-)

Umgo13's picture

pretty cool

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

\m/ cheers!

Jaybe666's picture

a bit too much empty space on the bottom, nevertheless great vest. I dig the witchfinder backpatch

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

I plan a strip patch at the bottom, however it's my intention not to over fill space indiscriminately with stuff.
Thanks for appreciating it!

Brynhilde's picture

Like the patches and layout!

Void_Of_Solitude's picture

Glad you dig it! \m/

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  • Aaaah, v'dammt... zu groß. :-/
  • Thanx a lot ajnin! :) The pins of course will be removed as soon as I start covering the upper left front.
  • Yes the bands have signed the things for us. Too bad that we did not take the vinyl records with us.
  • Thanks. You're right. Nordrhein-Westfalen was one of the metal centers in Germany.
  • Such a beauty!
  • Behold Barbarity was selling it but it’s gone now
  • Still for sale? how much about it?
  • They have some albums I never could get into. Especially their later outputs.
  • I love all their records, one of the greatest bands ever.
  • also up for sale now.
  • I don't know. This looks rather, well not good.
  • Cool shirt! The album was pretty overrated when it came out, but it had some great moments.
  • cool cap
  • great shirt!
  • agreed Absurd Shirts and LP covers are always great, especially the old Facta Loquuntur or the old Asgardsrei for exampl
  • Great!


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