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Exodus My Battle Jacket - not first but favourite one

Mon, 25/07/2022 - 11:33

I assembled this battle jacket around 2010-2012. Funny thing that I asked my aunt for Iron Maiden 2 minutes to midnight backpatch from ebay but she accidentally (don't know how) bought me this unforgiven from 1992. I was not even mad :D
Laaz Rockit, Xentrix and Heathen are hand-made by secondary school friend. Metal Church and Exodus were made for me by one metal store in Warsaw. Just wanted Metal Church logo to be straight line and wanted big Exodus with Fabulous Disaster logo style.

All over, I was a kid when I was creating this and looking back I'm glad that I stuck with more classic type of bands. Some patches are super vintager are (overkill, skid row, rubber ones etc), some of them are basic embroidered logos, but I'm never going to touch this battle jacket again.
+ marker signatures of WASP, Death Angel, Testament, Exumer, Exodus, Heathen and way more, some of them I don't even remember any more.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 1992
Exodus My Battle Jacket - not first but favourite one
Exodus My Battle Jacket - not first but favourite one

Das_Gstoich's picture

Nice oldschool style. Is the slayer patch made of rubber?

Mati_Gouda's picture

yes. slayer, DRI and jump in the fire are rubber ones. I have tens of rubbers more but they are going on the next jacket

Das_Gstoich's picture

If you are interested in an onslaught Rubber patch let me know.

Mati_Gouda's picture

sure, thanks. currently looking for some Iron Maiden back patches

Mathius93's picture

That's Awesome Jacket man!!!

Mati_Gouda's picture

thank you very much!

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  • Bootleg or not, who cares. Looks fucking sick.
  • Thanks !!!
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