Metal i Pieklo

Sun, 09/07/2017 - 00:21

Nothing but Polish metal. This one was a lot of work.

Mgla is in coming soon. I still need Hate and Thy Disease if they make them

Not for sale or trade
Metal i Pieklo
Metal i Pieklo


nelson's picture

super le rouge et blanc originale

metalmaciejmetal's picture

Merci, brother!

Nater90's picture

Nice idea mate! Some great bands.

Fimbulvintr's picture

Great stuff man, the red and white stitching must've taken forever but it really paid off in the end! I'm saving that last flame for the finished product, but as of now, consider it full flames brother! Cheers

Chainbreaker's picture

Great dedication and love the white + red stitching! Never seen it before!

deadlock's picture

The vader back patch and the behemoth patch are great

Solitude's picture

I don`t knot what is your connection with Poland kid but please do not visit this country with this jacket. Graveland and Polska Walcząca http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotwica Seriously?

Thrashersky's picture

As a Pole and metal enthusiast still can't see the contrast between these two

Torbjørn Oskarsson's picture

The two color stitching is really cool


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  • Wow!!! This looks in awesome condition!!!
  • I got the other one, the one with the band on the front in yellow! It was an awesome gig!
  • Yeah!!!! How lucky am I. Great item to add to the collection.......
  • Great shirt mate, welcome to TSS. I live in Melbourne too. Hails
  • Nice edition!!
  • Pretty cool design, we are born life has three guarantees, we are born, we live, we die.
  • Black Cilice & Death Worship Gone!
  • Bad ass. Great shirt mate!!!
  • Wouldn't have been the 80s or 90s since the album came out in 2007... Great album and shirt though.
  • Sure, I get your point too and respect it.
  • Nice collection mate, Going to check out Plasma Pool hard to imagine Atilla doing something other than Black Metal.
  • Drowning the Light and Watain patches gone!
  • Watain gone!
  • updated photos
  • Very nice
  • Old school to the hilt, love it

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