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  • Jupp, aber nicht abzugeben...
  • Cool muscle shirt!
  • Noch da?
  • thank you !!
  • Fantastic work and lots of creativity!
  • thanks man, yes, t-shirt was too large.
  • I'm the guitarist in this band. Thanks for the support.
  • thanks man. I must admit .... there is no front (anymore). It's only the back sheet, cut apart from the front.
  • thank you, I adjusted the sheet to the patches after their order kind of suggested to add such shape.
  • Loving the layout of this, and that Warbringer artwork looks insane!!!
  • Thx mate. It somehow reminds me of Conan the barbarian.
  • Great find dude!! I like the gems in the snake's eyes.
  • On eGay for 70 euro. I remember 3 years ago on eGay it was sold for 80+ and I only got the sword version pretty cheap.
  • Simply amazing!!
  • May i ask wwhere You got it ?
  • The lads running the metal detectors at airports must love you man, killer pin layout

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