Melodeath/Gothic/Other Patch Vest

Tue, 13/12/2016 - 00:09

On the back: Homemade Ancient Ascendant backpatch (From t shirt), homemade Poisonblack patch, custom made Kalmah patch, couple other customs on the back, may add a couple either side of the Poisonblack patch but for now the back is finished!

Front is currently in progress (Some patches sewn on).

The final thing may or may not change but I'll still upload a finished one when I get around to completing it!

Not for sale or trade
Melodeath/Gothic/Other Patch Vest
Melodeath/Gothic/Other Patch Vest


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  • However, I am sort of looking for a huge embroidered Opeth 'O' logo patch, to fill the back.
  • It’s an unreleased album from 1998. I preordered it and some other JI lps from them
  • True.I got a Mysticum shirt from them 'Medusa's Tears'.Really great quality textile,and high quality prin
  • Totally agree.I also find their first 2 albums the best.
  • Another stunning piece by Katatonia. Amazing album cover as well.
  • wow, you're right, I didn't even notice the back print was different from my other one. Subtle...
  • Same thing if I put smaller logos instead of the lower backshapes, that's just how it is.
  • Thanks man. He's really in his element with Tormentor.
  • :O
  • Cool front print.
  • Nice jacket! Especially that bat badge
  • I like the idea of that At The Gates at your collar and the pyramid studs I don't like the look of having four back
  • Truth.
  • Despite the language barrier, I still find that funny, haha.
  • Thanks man. That book looks extremely impressive. Cult never Dies has a shitload of amazing things for sale.
  • I've been tempted to buy this, but such a stunning artwork by Nekronikon doesn't look half as good on a tee.


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