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Looking into th...Mon, 24/06/2019 - 23:50

Hey folks,
it took nearly a year now to rebuilt my complete Kutte to this point, but I am pretty satisfied with the outcome and decided I am confident enough to share the current status quo with you fellow metalheads! Everything is sewed on by hand all by myself.
It was during the summer festival season 2018, more precisely on the Headbangers Open Air 2018, on which I decided it was time after nearly two decades to take everything down and do it all over again! There are still a lot of patches I have and need to find room for and also I am planning on adding a lot of shapes in certain spots, but as I am pretty lazy I though it was the right time now to upload this bitch and get this heavy burden of uploading my Kutte from my chest. :-)
The bands on it display my path of metal history becoming the state of Metalhead I am today, with the mighty Running wild backpatch as the backbone of it all and the "big bang" of my heavy metal DNA. It was the band, that got me into this shit.
To this point I was fortuned enough to have witness a live show of all but 8(!) bands on my vest, which is like a miracle to me being born in 1982. After November this year we will be down to 7. ;-]
The second "theme" if you will is my devotion to Visigoth, which is like my most favoured band of this century (I am the sadest person in the world, the mighty DOOMSWORD are no longer that active as I wished they would be, I literally love _every_ song they ever recorded!!!) still being active and I am very honoured for already having so many great memories from the shows I attended, which make up for everything I couldn't witness in the 80ies, when all the great heroes of us were striving to the "iron throne" of heavy metal music!
I consider myself a very open minded heavy metal maniac.
Whether my beloved music is a roaring from the elder raventhrone of mighty Blashyrkh or the taste of damnation's wine; whether it is human at sight, monster at heart or I feel the blood spill from your mouth; whether I am sitting here alone in darkness, waiting to be free or it brings doom over the world; whether I bang my head as if up from the dead or our union is a fortress, together we are bound; whether I was born on these streets, years ago or Flotzilla's eyes glow as he feeds; whether I will wish you upon a star or in the dead of night, she'll come and take you away; whether one without name or number soon would show or I stand and fight with sword in hand - heavy metal to the end; whether I joined the legion or I proclaimed mighty Thor, bring me back home; or whether I fucking welcomed home Grandmaaaaaaaaaaa or we are right, praying metal tonight, the message from hell and its spell!!! Even Satan, wears lether - our souls do it forever!!! So let us pray our rules, tonight - Chains and leather!!!

Fuck, what a rollercoaster of emotion this "revival" has been. I feel so honored to have been blessed with the opportunity to dedicate a lot of my freetime to this shit, giving the fact I am raising three little kids (everytime the first verse of Manowar's Hail To England comes to my mind I am telling this^^). I am thankful for having found this great website, which I can share and also gather so many impressions of my favourite free time activity with, that I just want to say a big "thanks" at this point to all of you out there spreading the word and perpetuating this great thing called Heavy Metal music.
You rule.
All of you!

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