Leather Jacket 1

Sun, 06/05/2018 - 00:24

This is my favorite jacket. I nickname it the party jacket, cause it's the crazier one that I wear to concerts and events.

Jacket is from Forever 21. Fake leather, but not the kind that falls apart after a year. Actually still the comfiest jacket I have.

The theme of this one is to only apply items for things I very highly enjoy or respect. The patches are ones I was able to find in person, or that came with CD purchases.

The pin that's obscured by reflection is a Deadpool pin, so don't worry about it. Was the first thing I added to my first jacket (which is falling apart). The vampire pin is "Creature of the Night" from one of the digital drawing artists I follow, Asphyart. The death-metal-looking HENTAI sticker is from another such artist, Fangdangler

Poppy and flag are from Remembrance Day 2017 and I thought these are ideas I like enough to wear year-round, and sewn them on. Same idea with the fake army rank patch. I respect our forces, and I like how it looks on the arm.

I'd like to get more death metal or brutal-looking items on this yet.

Not for sale or trade

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  • I could be wrong of course, weird shit turns up all the time (I just bought a South Of Heaven that looks like it has an
  • One of the best for sure..!
  • Maybe, some day. Not a bad idea...
  • The one and only haha. Unfortunately, I lost the password years ago and had to retire that account.
  • Good to know.
  • I've heard the same thing from a few people this side of europe too
  • Yeah, the show was AMAZING. First time I've seen Kiske live in nearly 30 years!!!
  • Own the same...still thinking about their set in Florence/Italy last june...it blowed me away...storming set, a lot of
  • very cool! ok now i wanna see a backpatch :)
  • By the way, I think the only stripe with a red border is a custom made... I don’t think there’s a vintage one.
  • Amazing collection.
  • Looks very old and very nice!
  • Still have that Cancer patch?
  • So many patches. Awesome vest
  • That's one of the best battle vests I've ever seen
  • Ah, so you're the lost one. That's cool. Yeah, this is a very good project. En Oria, Crucify Him, Onyx, this.
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