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Iron Maiden Chad Thundercock's Battle Vest

Mon, 19/07/2021 - 22:30

This is my Battle Jacket. Been rocking this thing for years and wear it so much that it feels like it's appart of me. Have sewn on every patch by hand, and poured my blood and sweat into this. It's a forever evolving jacket that isn't ever going to be finished or have a final form but is just going to change with me over time. I'll give updates to whenever I make a change or do something up nice with it. I've already had a long journey in this thing but it's only about to get started.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2021
Iron Maiden Chad Thundercock's Battle Vest
Iron Maiden Chad Thundercock's Battle Vest

Tina Taem 22's picture

I like Your Overkill Patch. i actually going to make my Overkill Horrorscope Leather Battle Jacket because i had some overkill patches and Overkill Back patch. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

no karate in pit's picture

just awesome bands and even radder patches then came the toxic holocaust hat and bullet belt and i knew no matter what anyone says this is my new favorite besides my own and damage inc tribute jacket

Agent Orange666's picture

Damn this is amazing. Great layout and choice of bands. Full flames for this one.


Thanks bro, but I think you forgot to add the flames... haha

Don't let it happen again!!!

Agent Orange666's picture

My finger slipped I promise 🤣

KayLuca's picture

Killer Vest! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

no karate in pit's picture

where did you get that taskforce toxicator patch I NEED ONE

Metalmate's picture

Nice vest of filth. Happy to see Road Rash on there. Well done Street Guerreiro!

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  • Thank you!😁 indeed it is great music and an awesome band!😄
  • Killers always deserves five flames!
  • So cool.... the rare Eddie Crunch! For some reason finding one of these in mint condition is impossible...
  • Obviously a band called Havukruunu is from Finland :) Great music and a awesome backpatch, congrats!
  • Supernal print?
  • It was made by Iron & Ash and the band is called Havukruunu😁 it is a black metal band from I believe Finland!😄 you s
  • Indeed I am, cheers!
  • Nifelheim coffin, IM - somewhere on tour, OLD, and Portrait triangle sold to arkanum!
  • Man let me know !! Maybe add a sick back print too ;)
  • thank you folks, a pleasure to share with you
  • Great album..
  • Cheers, wanna buy it?
  • Cool, I love that man sitting in the chair, so sinister
  • Cool patch..
  • Awesome design!
  • my wifes fave part of the shirt