Sat, 12/08/2017 - 16:31

Like trying to put a puzzle together. Still a work in progress but I'll post updates here and there.

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Seems like you've chosen a nice and cozy canvas. Reminds me of my old Levi's sherpa battle jacket.
Regarding patch positioning, I believe that it looks a little unbalanced. Maybe you can try to move at least 2 simple logo patches to the front of the jacket. Then try to re-distribute the patches on the back accordingly to your own taste while still counting in other patches you'll buy, so you don't have to re-sew the whole thing. I mean, it seems like you are not going for a messy layout, so why not give it a little bit of symmetry. What do you think about that?
Those smaller logo patches also work good in the waist area (hem) - if they fit.

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Appreciate the input...and yes I will be moving some patches around. Thanks.

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Some sweet bands, Digging the Testament coffin!

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Thanks brother. It's one of my favorites

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The Testament coffin was the first patch I noticed too! Never seen it before, it's very cool.

I'd definitely try playing around with the layout a bit before committing. It doesn't look quite right as it is...

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  • cheers man! still waiting for your Spider patch.
  • whenever you wanna sell yours let me know....;)
  • Finland's finest contribution to the metal world
  • Jea :) Thank you again very much :) Did mine arrive already ?
  • Backpatch \m/
  • well... postal service works fast :)
  • Amazing death metal vest. That killer backpatch ties everything together. Hope to see the front soon!
  • Amazing poster!
  • Regardless, that is still cool!
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks dudes, took a couple months of after work sewing, probably the fastest I've ever banged out a jacket.
  • Really awesome!
  • Where did you found this killer ?
  • Perfect Oldschool with very nice Bands
  • Woah, I love this jacket, it stands out so well and the colours really pop! Nice job!
  • very cool, never seen it bevor... absolute great.


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