Sat, 12/08/2017 - 16:31

Like trying to put a puzzle together. Still a work in progress but I'll post updates here and there.

Not for sale or trade



Seems like you've chosen a nice and cozy canvas. Reminds me of my old Levi's sherpa battle jacket.
Regarding patch positioning, I believe that it looks a little unbalanced. Maybe you can try to move at least 2 simple logo patches to the front of the jacket. Then try to re-distribute the patches on the back accordingly to your own taste while still counting in other patches you'll buy, so you don't have to re-sew the whole thing. I mean, it seems like you are not going for a messy layout, so why not give it a little bit of symmetry. What do you think about that?
Those smaller logo patches also work good in the waist area (hem) - if they fit.


Appreciate the input...and yes I will be moving some patches around. Thanks.


Some sweet bands, Digging the Testament coffin!


Thanks brother. It's one of my favorites

The Clairvoyant

The Testament coffin was the first patch I noticed too! Never seen it before, it's very cool.

I'd definitely try playing around with the layout a bit before committing. It doesn't look quite right as it is...

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  • Thought I didn't like long "power metal" metal songs till I discovered Nevermore.
  • Sybill és Ramses zenekarokról tudsz esetleg valamit? Előre is köszi
  • Love it.
  • If this is a large or XL I will buy from you. Do you use ebay?
  • Yes I will buy this from you. Do you use ebay?
  • How much would you like to sell it for? And can you ship to the United States?
  • I know this is posted as not for sale but I will buy this from you as I have been dying for this exact shirt for years!
  • Yes i have paypal
  • I want to buy this from you! Do you use ebay or paypal?
  • damn that's awesome. I think this one looks better. Theres more detail in it.
  • Never seen this one before!!!
  • Wow nice!
  • Full Salute
  • Cool bro, this is a great record
  • do you still have this??
  • a norwegian flag would be interesting, i have to do some digging into my heritage to actually figure out if theres norwe


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