Battle Bag !!

Thu, 13/07/2017 - 00:21

Les vestes c'est bien mais les sacs c'est mieux !!

Not for sale or trade


HalogenBulb's picture

Hey homie you know it's a bit hypocritical to have a Nazi trash patch and then a Burzum patch on the same item? lol

ZeChelouMan's picture

It's because i hate fascism and i love Burzum and i don't give a shit lol

decimator_moe's picture

Nice patch

ZeChelouMan's picture

Thxs bro

deathchains's picture

Nice bag

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

The Burzum patch really does contradict the Nazi trash patch because even though he's become anti-authoritarian to the point of no longer believing in modern civilization in favor of tribalism, that's still an identitarian ideology that he cleaves to and putting that aside he called himself a national socialist when he was making the albums I assume you were thinking of when you sewed the patch on (unless you really like synth and ritualistic pagan chanting just that much). Also where the hell is the Woods patch? I can't seem to find it.

OmeletteDuFromage's picture

You don't have to agree to a band's ideology to wear their merch.
Sure, if I don't support them as persons, but I love their music, I'd buy a bootleg patch or shirt, so no money goes to the band, but I'd still wear it.
For example Peste Noire's lead singer (and instrumentalist), Famine, is a neonazi (even if he seems to do his best for the band not to be labeled NSBM, so his shows are not canceled - they are sometimes, but that's another story). I strongly disagree with his opinions and ideology, but I still like his work as a musician, he is talented and his music is awesome, so I may one day buy Peste Noire merch (not the ones with nazi symbols, of course.)

OmeletteDuFromage's picture

Pas mal mec ! J'adore stupeflip et j'aime bien doom (même si c'est pas assez mélodique pour moi)
Sympa le sac.

ZeChelouMan's picture

Ça fait plaisir mec merci !

corbakurban's picture

Ha je l'ai déjà vu quelque part ça. Tres bons choix de groupes en tout cas

ZeChelouMan's picture

Ah t'as déja vu mon sac ??

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  • This is fucking sick as fuck dude I love it. Only legendary Death Metal bands allowed. All hail that Sadus BP!
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  • agreed. great riffs too. thats what i want to hear in music mostly.
  • Thanks! So many great riffs, they really kicked it into high gear on that one.
  • amazing. the painkiller backpatch is truly killer.
  • one of my favorite their albums as well. cool shirt mate.
  • great tribute jacket. i like this.
  • thanks zilin! to be honest, bootleg/orig rare or not, if a patch design is okay for me, i like the patch like the suffoc
  • okay man! i'll update someday if theres another way to place the two patches. thanks for liking other parts.
  • yea cool.
  • I did indeed, got one of their black shirts and got up on stage at one point. Was a nuts show!
  • In all my years i honestly never saw this advertisement. Talk about scarce.
  • did you get to one of their shows ??


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